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  • ‘…If Carlsberg did weekends…’

    “Great advice Oliver. Did Morecambe and Blackpool in a double. Nicked a grand from a £20 punt. Lovely. I’m also a Chelsea boy so all in all a great weekend. Thanks for the service it’s been very good. If Carlsberg did weekends......”

    Lee P (May 2021)
  • ‘…I cleared £520…’

    “Hi Oliver, just thought I would email you and thank you for the trixie and the promotion bets on Blackpool and Morecambe. I cleared £520 on them”

    Brian R (May 2021)
  • ‘…Returned £660!!! Magic, thanks…’

    “Hi Oliver, Shrimpers - Yessssssssss!!!!! I had a single, patent & trixie on Morecambe totaling £104.50 and it returned £660!! Magic, thanks again”

    Paul (May 2021)
  • ‘…A joy to follow…’

    “Thanks so much for the site, the advice, the stats, it’s a joy to follow”

    Ian (May 2021)
  • ‘…20/1 – Nice profit on the night…’

    “Hi Oliver, did a bet on Man Utd /Roma ht/ft flip round as United are habitual on that front this season, it paid out at 20/1 on Betfair sportsbook. Nice profit on the night again, Best regards”

    Bob W (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…Great shout – 25/1 & 11/1…’

    “Great shout Marquinhos. Managed to get the 25-1 & 11-1 that you touted”

    Mike F (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…I love how you often try & find some value rather than opting for short priced favourites…’

    “[RE: 28/1 First Goalscorer]. Great work yesterday. I love how you often try & find some value rather than opting for short priced favourites. I even managed to get slightly better prices on the exchanges :)”

    Frank W (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…Rewarded with two 90/1 payouts – thanks for the heads-up…’

    “Hi Oliver, I remember a post of yours a while back and it was on the back of Rochdale being involved in some high scoring games. Since the start of the year they have been involved in 6 games which have finished 3-3 , 3-4 or 4-4. I’ve started backing 3-3, 3-4, 4-3 and 4-4 in their games since end of Feb and been rewarded with two 90/1 payouts most recently tonight as they conceded in the 97th minute to draw 3-3 with AFC Wimbledon. So thanks for the initial heads up”

    Salman (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…Returns of £195.75 or £246.50 await!!!!...’

    “Did four small stakes doubles on the HT/FT in both games, so returns of £195.75 or £246.50 await!!! Also got the Over 2.5 acca running. Will probably have a bet on the ''Unders'' as definitely would like some return! Good luck to all your readers who are in a similar position”

    L.J (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…Lovely winner – Keep up the great work Amigo…’

    “Spurs v Man U game ... Tasty 27-1 & 33-1 bets made for a lovely HT/FT winner... Keep up the great work Amigo”

    Mike F (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…Extremely well done – ended up winning almost £500 !!!….’

    “Extremely well done with your over 2.5 goals acca. Silly me placed my bet 2x by mistake so I ended up winning almost £500 !!!”

    Jon E (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…Obtained 60/1 – will make £450…’

    “I took your advice and obtained 60/1 from Marathon. I would never have had Burnley, Sheff Utd, or West Brom, so thanks … will make £450”

    Chris (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…I was on at 60/1 – happy days!...”

    “I was on at 60! on Bet Victor and for a 25 quid stake they were offering a generous 711 quid cash out. I had taken the insurance of backing all the 4-folds too for a quid a line so had a little extra in the tank to consider. In the end I hedged 600 quid on Betfair which meant I would get a minimum 800 quid on a failed result and still pocket 1200 quid overall on the winning outcome....happy days!”

    Sunil (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…OUTSTANDING! – A year’s betting profit in one week…’

    “OUTSTANDING! 2 big price winners in a week, My standard stake is £10 (or £2 for correct scores), so the half time/full time win on spurs-utd match made me £280. I was a bit stunned when the over 2.5 goals acca came in at 59/1. That’s almost a year’s betting profit (for me) in 1 week. well done”

    John B (Apr 2021)
  • ‘...Great shout last night – 14/1 winner…’

    “Great shout last night Oliver... Another couple of tasty 19-5 & 14-1 winners. The speculative 50-1 Mane red card didn't quite come to fruition but beggars can't be choosers. Keep up the good work”

    Mike F (Apr 2021)
  • ‘…Imagine the stunned look on my face…’

    “You did it, you did it. I placed the football treble, because every selection was different, I didn’t think it would come in. So you can imagine the stunned look on my face as I watched the results come in. Cambridge left it late, I thought at least were get paid out on the double, then cambridge scored for a full house. Had £2.50 a line total £10 on it make a profit of £283.75 … well done and thank you very much for a most profitable weekend.”

    John B (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Great picks…’

    “Great picks. Won over £100 for small stakes so thank you”

    Tony (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…BET365 must be hurting…’

    “Had a £10 trixie here as well, BET365 must be hurting. Great picks, thanks”

    Roger T (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Great stuff – cleared £800 profit…’

    “Great stuff Oliver. Got the double up …l cleared 800 profit. Cheers”

    Lee P (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Excellent results on the Trixie…’

    “Excellent result on the Trixie … ended up with a decent £445 return for my £20 Trixie. Thanks”

    Ian S (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Made about £2.5k…’

    “Hi Oliver, Thanks for the great tipping yesterday. I wasn't able to match the trixie exactly as my bookmaker wasn't offering winning margin bets, but I still made about £2.5k from the trixie as well as singles taken on betfair. Thanks again”

    Brian F (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…The Trixie paid £2,987.50 – Happy days!...’

    “Tremendous picks Leagues 1 and 2. Thought the logic behind all of the picks was good but thought the bet choice was optimistic. Oh me of little faith! Had £100 on each selection and a £25 trixie with bet365. Excluding stakes the individual bets won £975 and the trixie paid £2,987.50 including stake. Happy days!”

    Trevor (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Superb quality – cracking returns – Truly outstanding!…’

    “Hi Oliver, Just a line to acknowledge the superb quality of your EFL selections on Saturday which combined to deliver cracking returns. Thank you for pinpointing not just the teams but also the best way to play the selections. Truly outstanding!”

    Johnny B (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Best win of the season…’

    “GREAT PREDICTIONS Oliver, I had a £12 Double on Sunderland to win to nil (7/4) and Cambridge to win away (15/8) with a 90th minute winner . £94 returns is best win of the season”

    Peter S (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Oh Fantastic !!! – The elation when Cambridge scored the winner…’

    “Oh Fantastic !!! ............. I really fancied your tips (having read your write up stats)....... And went on both options on the nose, only with £5 & £1 wager respectively with no Trixie's. The partial disappointment when Carlisle scored, but the elation when Cambridge scored the winner in the 90th minute – epic !!”

    Mark N (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…£333.66 profit…’

    “Nice return on the trixie. £333.66 profit”

    Ian L (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…My £20 Trixie returned £2246 !!!!!!!!!!!...’

    “Amazing tips Oliver. My £20 Trixie returned £2246 !!!!!!!!!!! The cheer that went up when Cambridge scored the winner could have been heard in Carlisle. Many many thanks”

    Chris B (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Bullseye! – Cashed out for £1075…’

    “Bullseye! Well done......I had a £10 Trixie on the results and cashed out for £1075 as soon as that Cambridge goal went in! I also had 3 x singles for wins too – & put those results in a separate Trixie! So that made a grand total of £ a big fat thank you & keep up the good work!”

    Peter M (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…65/1 !! I’ve cheered on many a late goal over the years…’

    “Hello Oliver, just a quick thanks for the suggestions on Friday ... had the win treble @10's and the biggie @ 65/1 !! I’ve cheered on many a late goal over the years but never as much as that Cambridge one !! Well done !!”

    Zep D (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…15/1 so quids in – thank you!...’

    “Hi Oliver, I’ve had a good few days with your cards info. Backed both Maguire and Evans to be booked and also both players first to be carded. Prior to that I took advantage of Paddy Power's free build a bet offer last week and placed a bet on the Chelsea - Atletico Madrid game which was ‘under 2.5 goals, Savic to be booked and a red card to be shown’ which was 15/1 so was quids in on that aswell, so thank you!”

    Salman (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Was on Maguire first card – nice win…’

    “Hi Oliver, was on Maguire and Evans to be carded and first card, nice win, keep up the good work. Best regards”

    Bob (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…50/1 for a red card leaves me real happy…’

    “[RE: Chelsea v Atletico Madrid, Stefan Savic] Great shout Oliver..... I may have missed the 13/5 @ Hills and had to opt for the measly 2-1 @ Skybet but 50-1 for a red card leaves me real happy”

    Mike F (Mar 2021)
  • ‘…Nice work – 12/1 treble…’

    “Nice work yesterday Oliver. Did both Lukaku and Ibrahimovic Anytime and also took a chance with a treble of them 2 with over 60 pts on the cards markets. 12 to 1. Cheers boys”

    Lee P (Jan 2021)
  • ‘…I really enjoy the buzz…’

    “I am so pleased you got me into Win & Both Teams to Score. Every time I place a bet, (the Italian league is certainly fruitful), I really enjoy the buzz …Keep up the excellent tips”

    Chris (Jan 2021)
  • ‘…Came in at 60/1…’

    “I backed all the Rochdale-Wigan scores mentioned including the 3-3 which came in at 60/1. So with £120 from one bet, I couldn’t lose at the weekend”

    John B (Jan 2021)
  • ‘…Using the stats I placed a treble…’

    “Good Morning. Using the stats I placed a treble on last night’s games all to be drawing at half time. Nice little return, thanks a lot. Also took the under 10.5 corners in the Burnley v United game and both teams to score in the Wolves v Everton game, a good night. Thanks a lot!”

    Mark C (Jan 2021)
  • '...Only joined on Saturday...'

    "Hi. Only joined Saturday by Sunday evening had bagged the match odds treble, Man Utd HT/FT, James Tavernier scoring again. Sunday lunch the arsenal obliging on the corners. Cheers"

    Lee P (Dec 2020)
  • '...Over £800 up - first time I've ever cheered a Man Utd goal...'

    "Hi Oliver. Well over £800 up this week, icing on the cake Man Utd (I'm a City season ticket holder) the 1st time I've ever cheered one of their goals. Putting the 3 win/btts sides in a trixie has paid off 3 times on the trot. I think the straight treble, btts treble and trixie on btts/win is a great bet and gives so many chances for a decent win. Keep up the great work"

    Simon (Dec 2020)
  • '...Happy Monday! - Keep those wonder combos coming...'

    "Hi Oliver, Happy Monday! I definitely meant to drop a line to say, 'Thanks plenty!' I'm loving the Win & BTTS combos... Certainly a good ATL weekend, and I'll keep digging the stats in future, while I hope you'll keep those wonder combos coming too... Thanks plenty!"

    Gabriel (Dec 2020)
  • '...Great selections - won over £150 over the weekend...'

    "Great selections Oliver. So close to the big one, but still a great result. I surprised myself as well. I was in a dash when I put the bets on and accidentally put the ht/ft bet on twice!! Some times it helps being half asleep. Won £150 over the weekend. Better than the horses. Thanks again"

    Anthony (Dec 2020)
  • '...Great addition to your weekly reports...'

    "Hi Oliver, been following win and btts which has been a great success recently l have been doing various combinations of doubles and trebles great addition to your weekly reports"

    J.Q (Dec 2020)
  • '...Very nice net winnings of £682...'

    "Hi Oliver. Followed your recommendations for Win and Both Teams to Score on Saturday, but placed Trixies rather than Trebles, and came away with some very nice net winnings of £682. Many thanks, and keep up the good work. Cheers"

    Phil S (Dec 2020)
  • '...Thanks for the advice - just won over £100...'

    "Hi Oliver, just want to say thanks for the advice given on Friday just won over £100 on the h/t f/t West Ham-Man U game and done a trixie so covered my bet on the 3 teams given and again you pardon the pun (Hit the Bar) Keep up the good work"

    Charles (Dec 2020)
  • '...Thanks for a very big winning weekend...'

    "Hello and here is the weather forecast (thanks to Across the Leagues service) it's raining money this weekend. Obviously, the biggest win was the ht/ft 24/1 on west ham-utd match... thanks for a very big winning weekend"

    John B (Dec 2020)
  • '...£400 profit - Thank you!...'

    "Hi Oliver, £20 West Ham/ Man U turnaround! £400 profit - Thank you!"

    Santanu (Dec 2020)