Corners Betting

Betting on Corners

To some people, betting on Corners might sound risky. But in fact there are good grounds for saying that it's a safer option than many other football markets.

Bookmakers' research is often nowhere near as thorough as it should be. Sometimes using odds templates based on teams' Match Result performance – totally inaccurate for predicting any other aspect of the match.

The following Corners bets are available with most bookmakers…

Total Corners

Under 10 Evens
Over 10 Evens
Exactly 10 15/2
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This is the most straightforward of the Corners bets that bookmakers offer - simply whether the match will have more or less than 11 Corners in total (including both teams' totals). You'll usually find 11 is the most common marker in the Premier League, but sometimes 10.5 and even 10 on occasion.

First Half Corners

Under 5 5/4
Over 5 Evens
Exactly 5 9/2
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This is the same bet as a Total Corners bet, but settled at Half Time (with the lower total of 5 Corners being the marker).

First/ Last Match Corner

Team A 4/6
Team B 11/10
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You can also bet on which team will be awarded the First Corner, and the Last Corner in a match (these are two separate bets) - but this can be something of a lottery..

Corner Match Bet

Team A 5/6
Team B 11/8
Tie 6/1
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It You're betting on which team will get the most Corners.

Corner Handicap (sample)

Team A (minus 2) 5/4
Team B (plus 2) 5/6
Tie (Team B plus 2) 13/2
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It is possible to bet on which team will win the most Corners – taking into account a plus or minus handicap. The size of the handicap is determined by the bookmakers and will change for every game.

The team with a 'minus' handicap having to overcome their deficit in order to win the bet.